Praise for The Cooperative Solution


"A lucid and persuasive primer on how we got into our economic mess and
how cooperatives offer a practical strategy for helping us climb out."
Burt Solomon, editor, The Next Economy (a quarterly supplement to The Atlantic and National Journal)

"I suspect the book will become a cooperative classic."

Walden Swanson, Director of New Initiatives, Co-opMetrics

"There are not enough books written about human cooperation and the
power we have to fashion the economy and the society we want. Without
being mean, Nadeau explains why the dominant economic model is failing
us. He's a veteran of the cooperative movement, and he calls us back to
our strength like a coach who knows how to win the big game. He links us
to the past victories, and inspires us to do it again. Get a copy."

Bill Patrie, executive director, Common Enterprise Development Corporation, North Dakota

"As partisanship threatens the productivity of our political democracy
in the US, Nadeau offers a concise overview of how cooperatives and
economic democracy have and can continue to strengthen our economy.
His ideas are refreshingly practical…and doable."

Sarah Moffitt Pike, executive administrator, Association of Cooperative Educators

"A significant contribution to fostering the understanding of how co-operatives are part of the solution to either avoiding or responding to growing economic uncertainty and despair. This is a message of hope."
J Tom Webb, Imagine 2012 Conference Manager and an architect of the Master of Management—Co-operatives and Credit Unions co-operative business degree

"A timely discussion of how cooperatives can benefit us all through their emphasis on people over profits, with thoughtful discussion of how cooperatives can address the current failures of the market economy in the US. The examples of different types of cooperatives illustrate how cooperatives are as American as apple pie."
Christina A. Clamp, Ph.D., director, Center for Co-operatives & Community Economic Development, Southern New Hampshire University

"For those searching for a way to take control of their economic future, this book provides hope and guidance. It also provides sound facts about the role member-owned economic enterprises play in the US economy."
Judy Ziewacz, executive director, Cooperative Development Foundation


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